A few words about Apfino

The mission of the Apfino platform is to simplify financial services for businesses. Thanks to the integration with ERP systems, the user has access to a range of solutions in one place. The company focuses on personalized financial management services. According to them, the entrepreneur receives free hints and financial analysis to determine the needs of his business. All formalities are completed online, using several measures to secure user data.


This modern solution embedded in the Comarch cloud is based on the architecture of microservices, thanks to which it effectively adapts to the changing business needs. By offering its clients financial services in an ecosystem with ERP services, Apfino is an example of the concept of embedded finance*.


 * Generally speaking, the term relates to offering financial services by an enterprise whose principal activity is unrelated to finance.


“At Comarch, we have been creating modern systems for financial and insurance markets for years and we have noticed dynamic changes in the financial world: new preferences of service recipients, distribution models, or legal regulations require a more targeted approach to customer service. Drawing on experience in building solutions for financial institutions, as well as knowing the needs of companies using Comarch ERP systems, we decided to create something absolutely unique and innovative.”


— Andrzej Przewięźlikowski
Vice President, Board Member at Comarch

From idea to success - the Apfino story

  • The company is actively developing and plans to include new financial services in its offer. Currently, thanks to the cooperation of Apfino with business partners SMEO and Kaczmarski Inkasso, platform users can use factoring and debt collection services with a few clicks.

    Apfino is an independent fintech that addresses its offer to all companies in Poland, but thanks to the range of services it plans to implement, it will be a financial management center for Comarch ERP clients. Simple activation of financial services is enough and a Comarch ERP client also becomes an Apfino client, gaining a tailored offer for efficient financial management.

Greenhouse by Comarch vision

  • Observing the success of Apfino, the Greenhouse team is all the more motivated to actively seek and support revolutionary technological ideas. There is no shortage of challenges, as well as the innovators themselves - the applications that Greenhouse receives from the very beginning of the initiative prove it.

    It is worth taking advantage of the support of Comarch, a partner that has been present on the market for almost 30 years.
  • Greenhouse by Comarch - let's innovate together!

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